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Wash+Soothing spray

  • Wash-antibacterial and cooling, can solve excessive discharge and recurrent infection
  •  Soothing spray- can ease odor and itchy feeling,suitable to use anytime in daily life

Mousse+Face wash

  • Mousse-silky bubbles, gentle clean the intimate skin,more refreshing feeling
  •  Face wash-no added any harmful ingredients. Feel the moisturizing and smooth feeling after washing

Spray plus+Cranberry probiotics

  • Spray plus-upgrade the cooling and antibacterial formula,good for advanced intimate care
  • Cranberry probiotics-2 capsules per day,keep a healthy intimate environment and healthy skin 

Digestive Probiotics

  • Solve common intestine issues
  • Added multi probiotics to keep healthy intestine
  • High colonization-adjust your  intestine for real affect